Monday, December 15, 2008


In the holiday we went to Al Ain. First, when we were there the celebration of national day was began and we celebrate there (pic). After that , the eid become and we had to prepare for eid . On Saturday morning one of the women who draw henna came to my house to draw on our hands. Also, my friend came to our house and she drawn on my friend hands and we enjoyed it . On the same day afternoon we start to make sweets for eid . The eid was on Monday , we visited our relatives and spent a nice time together. On Tuesday morning my mother and my grandmother traveled to America for treatment. Moreover, I’m the mother now for two girls and one boy. It’s really hard but I have to do it. On the same day we went to the desert with my friends and my sisters. We spend a great time by playing with motor-cycle. On Wednesday we went to Al Ain mall and saw an Arabian movie it was comedy. On Thursday I went to Carrefour with my little sister to buy for her a game boy. On Friday we came back to Abu Dhabi and the vacation is over.

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