Tuesday, December 16, 2008

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Monday, December 15, 2008


In the holiday we went to Al Ain. First, when we were there the celebration of national day was began and we celebrate there (pic). After that , the eid become and we had to prepare for eid . On Saturday morning one of the women who draw henna came to my house to draw on our hands. Also, my friend came to our house and she drawn on my friend hands and we enjoyed it . On the same day afternoon we start to make sweets for eid . The eid was on Monday , we visited our relatives and spent a nice time together. On Tuesday morning my mother and my grandmother traveled to America for treatment. Moreover, I’m the mother now for two girls and one boy. It’s really hard but I have to do it. On the same day we went to the desert with my friends and my sisters. We spend a great time by playing with motor-cycle. On Wednesday we went to Al Ain mall and saw an Arabian movie it was comedy. On Thursday I went to Carrefour with my little sister to buy for her a game boy. On Friday we came back to Abu Dhabi and the vacation is over.

Al Ain

Monday, November 24, 2008


Dyslexia is one type of learning disability. It affects processing languages in using reading, writing and spelling. People with dyslexia may be good in math and science because those people have a talent. Furthermore, people who are dyslexic write or pronounce backwards, and this is the problem. This disorder is a serious problem is which caused by two main reasons: heredity and incidents after the birth; moreover, there are also two main solutions: awareness and establishing a special schools.

The causes of this problem are heredity and incidents after birth. Firstly, “Heredity learning disabilities run in the family” (Reading: Learning Disabilities p.117). However, this cannot be solved, and this is a problem. Heredity means that child take the disorder from his parents and it is a genetic problem. As we see this genes is moved from parents or grandparents to their children. Many dyslexic people get this disorder from their parents or one of their relatives. Secondly, the incident after the birth which means that any accident is hurt the person who is dyslexic after the birth. For example, people could be dyslexic after an injury such as brain injury. “Because the left side of brain is control the reading skill” (Listening). Therefore ,these accidents may cause severe affects and made changes on their lives. Accidents which hurt the people also could make a change in people bodies and hurt their skills. Those dyslexic people need help so, we have to find solutions.

The solutions of this problem are awareness of the dyslexic people with their difficulties and establish special schools for the dyslexic people. Firstly, “Dyslexic people have developed ways to cope with their difficulties and they are able to lead successful, functioning lives” (Reading: Learning Disabilities p.117). Consequently, they should be aware those people who are suffering from this disorder. Moreover, help them to achieve their goals and to live in a normal life. Secondly, establishing special schools for dyslexic people is to help them by specialist doctors. “They use particular system” (Listening). So, this particular system will help them to improve their skills without suffering. Moreover, this is our serious problem we hope to be solved soon by these solutions.

In conclusion, dyslexic are people who suffering from reading, writing and pronouncing problems. This problem caused by two main reasons which are heredity and incidents after the birth; moreover, there are two main solutions which are; aware dyslexic people and establish special schools for them. I think that have a special schools is the best solution because it will help them to achieve their goals and live in normal life.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sunday, November 16, 2008


My name is Mouza. I was born in 8th of September in 1990 in kornieche hospital. I was always wondering about my name I got it from my grandmother who I didn’t see her ever. I research about my name meaning and its mean the biggest pearl. I’m from Al Ain but I live in Abu Dhabi. I had graduate from Hunain high school. Before I graduate I hoped to study in Zayed University and I’m here now. I like studding here in ZU. Also, I want to study accounting because I like business. I live with my family in officer’s city. My family is small. I have three brothers and two sisters. My biggest brother who is Humaid, he is 24 years old. My second brother is Mohammed, he is 23 years old and also he studied in UK 4 years ago. And I’m the third .Next, my sister Mariam she is 17 years old. She studies in high school and it’s her last year. The forth one is Abdullah. He is 13 years old. The last girl is Aisha. She is so hyper and noisy. And this is my family; I missed my big brothers because they are always disappeared. Also, we spend our weekend in AlAin; we have our house their which is near my grandmother house. I love AlAin so much but actually I don’t prefer to live there.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My TiCkEtS PaRaGrApH 2

In Japan there are the first mother who will travel to outer space in a mission of the space . This women name Prensa Latina she is 37-year-old . She decided to travel to outer space for two weeks to carry multipurpose facilities to the International Space Station . Moreover, this would be a wonderful experience she won’t forget it ever .


My TiCkEtS PaRaGrApH 1

The new elected president of United state BARAK OBAMA have visited the white house for the first time this week. BARAK OBAMA have won the election of 2008 this year with an amazing factory to be the first African American president for the United state of America. This decision will made a huge changes. Also, they discussed the economy and foreign policy when he was in the white house. Obama will be determined to take their normal family life in the white house.


Sunday, November 9, 2008

“He laughs best who laughs last”

What is the meaning of “He laughs best who laughs last” ??

“He laughs best who laughs last”, we use this sentence in many situations . This sentence mean that the person who laughs or get the thing at last will get or laughs best. So if any person will run or work hard for something he or she will get it at last but in the best way. Also, this teach us a lesson about don’t breakdown in front of any problem and keep going . On the other hand, the person who will laughs last he will laughs a lot that he won or reach the goal. Also we found that the time it’s not important much as the thing we want to reach it or get it . The one who gets to celebrate the most. That's the party who laughs best.

My WeeKeNd

This weekend we went to AlAin. We have our house their which is near my grandmother house. Our house located in place called Aljimi. On Thursday all my relative came to my grandmother house and we still awake to midnight. Also, My Cousin was pregnant and she has her first boy
because she has four girls already . We were so happy for her. On Friday I got up early and I had my breakfast with my mother and father . Moreover, all of them went to the hospital and take the lunch there. But me ,my sister and my cousin went to AlJimi mall with my brother. We spent their two hours and also we went to galer cafĂ© l like this shop and their crape . After we came back home i sit with my grandmother and she starts to because she wants me to eat .At night I went to my friend house and her friends were their also we had fun together. Yesterday was the last day of my weekend it’s the time to come back to AD. It was bored and I stayed at home . When we arrived home I started to do my homework then I got to my bed early . And that’s all ^^

Saturday, November 8, 2008

HoLiDaY 2007

My favorite summer holiday was before 2 years. We went to Germany .It was in 10th of Jun 2007. We spent 6 hours in the plane and we arrived there at the morning. Moreover, we stayed there for two weeks. We were 8 girls and two boys both are my brothers and with my mother and my aunt. Also there were my brother friend whose from Syria and his wife from Austria . They stayed with us and their daughters . We had fun with them .When we arrived there we preferred to stay in Garmush which is far from Munchen about one and half hours and full of old people . This place was so nice and green for relaxing . Moreover, we rent their a villa from old women . Also , we had fun by going to the lake and playing with plastic boats at the river which were made from frozen water .One day we went to Austria and we enjoyed the lakes there. When we were in Garmush we enjoyed many activities for each day. We played by cycles, went to the cave and went there to the 7th Luies fort . Last two days we went back to Munchen . Also, we went to the Olympic park and saw the sea animals in “sea life ” by underground. Moreover, we meet our relatives their and had fun with them . I like the Marine street which is crowded and nice. Finally, we went back in 31st of Jun morning and we found my brother waiting for us in Abu Dhabi airport. It was an amazing trip I hope to go there again.

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Monday, November 3, 2008


What is the worst thing parents can do to their children?!

Parents are the most important thing in our life. Child can’t live without their parents. Moreover, parents give their children special needs. On the other hand, in any house should be many problems and needs to be solved. Parents try to solve their own problems with their children. But the worst thing that parents do for their children is use spanking. Spanking is hitting with the flat of the hand usually on the backside for punishment or for stopping a behavior. Although they think that spanking is the best solution to discipline their children. However, many parents use spanking as a punishment. Many parents don`t realize that spanking could provide unsuccessful life for their children. This thing will lead child to be violence with other people and maybe they will get bad habits in the future by doing same thing with their child. Finally, parents should be careful about the way that they used to discipline their children. Also they should be kind with them and find alternative ways to behave.

My PaRtNeR ,,

My partner name is Fatima. She is 17 years old. She is from Abu Dhabi .She was graduated from Um ammar high school , after that she decided to study in Zayed University . Fatima now study in ZU. Moreover, she live with her grandmother , parents , aunt, brother Ahmed and her sisters (Aisha, Mariam, Ahood, Hissa, Nora) in a big villa .When she have a free time she likes to watch TV and go shopping. She also like to see the new movies at cinema and enjoyed her time with it. As we know she study in ZU and she likes about ZU it is near her home and there she would be able to meet her friends in a break time between classes. But also she dislikes many thing about ZU such as; canteen food and strange girls. Fatima decided to complete her high study in ZU and graduate with bachelor degree .Moreover, she wants to study human recourse after finishing 3 semesters of general. Fatima like to go to Sharjah to visit her grandmother house, this house is a special place for Fatima. Also when she went to Sharjah she went to Dubai and goes shopping there.