Monday, November 3, 2008

My PaRtNeR ,,

My partner name is Fatima. She is 17 years old. She is from Abu Dhabi .She was graduated from Um ammar high school , after that she decided to study in Zayed University . Fatima now study in ZU. Moreover, she live with her grandmother , parents , aunt, brother Ahmed and her sisters (Aisha, Mariam, Ahood, Hissa, Nora) in a big villa .When she have a free time she likes to watch TV and go shopping. She also like to see the new movies at cinema and enjoyed her time with it. As we know she study in ZU and she likes about ZU it is near her home and there she would be able to meet her friends in a break time between classes. But also she dislikes many thing about ZU such as; canteen food and strange girls. Fatima decided to complete her high study in ZU and graduate with bachelor degree .Moreover, she wants to study human recourse after finishing 3 semesters of general. Fatima like to go to Sharjah to visit her grandmother house, this house is a special place for Fatima. Also when she went to Sharjah she went to Dubai and goes shopping there.

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