Saturday, November 8, 2008

HoLiDaY 2007

My favorite summer holiday was before 2 years. We went to Germany .It was in 10th of Jun 2007. We spent 6 hours in the plane and we arrived there at the morning. Moreover, we stayed there for two weeks. We were 8 girls and two boys both are my brothers and with my mother and my aunt. Also there were my brother friend whose from Syria and his wife from Austria . They stayed with us and their daughters . We had fun with them .When we arrived there we preferred to stay in Garmush which is far from Munchen about one and half hours and full of old people . This place was so nice and green for relaxing . Moreover, we rent their a villa from old women . Also , we had fun by going to the lake and playing with plastic boats at the river which were made from frozen water .One day we went to Austria and we enjoyed the lakes there. When we were in Garmush we enjoyed many activities for each day. We played by cycles, went to the cave and went there to the 7th Luies fort . Last two days we went back to Munchen . Also, we went to the Olympic park and saw the sea animals in “sea life ” by underground. Moreover, we meet our relatives their and had fun with them . I like the Marine street which is crowded and nice. Finally, we went back in 31st of Jun morning and we found my brother waiting for us in Abu Dhabi airport. It was an amazing trip I hope to go there again.

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