Monday, November 24, 2008


Dyslexia is one type of learning disability. It affects processing languages in using reading, writing and spelling. People with dyslexia may be good in math and science because those people have a talent. Furthermore, people who are dyslexic write or pronounce backwards, and this is the problem. This disorder is a serious problem is which caused by two main reasons: heredity and incidents after the birth; moreover, there are also two main solutions: awareness and establishing a special schools.

The causes of this problem are heredity and incidents after birth. Firstly, “Heredity learning disabilities run in the family” (Reading: Learning Disabilities p.117). However, this cannot be solved, and this is a problem. Heredity means that child take the disorder from his parents and it is a genetic problem. As we see this genes is moved from parents or grandparents to their children. Many dyslexic people get this disorder from their parents or one of their relatives. Secondly, the incident after the birth which means that any accident is hurt the person who is dyslexic after the birth. For example, people could be dyslexic after an injury such as brain injury. “Because the left side of brain is control the reading skill” (Listening). Therefore ,these accidents may cause severe affects and made changes on their lives. Accidents which hurt the people also could make a change in people bodies and hurt their skills. Those dyslexic people need help so, we have to find solutions.

The solutions of this problem are awareness of the dyslexic people with their difficulties and establish special schools for the dyslexic people. Firstly, “Dyslexic people have developed ways to cope with their difficulties and they are able to lead successful, functioning lives” (Reading: Learning Disabilities p.117). Consequently, they should be aware those people who are suffering from this disorder. Moreover, help them to achieve their goals and to live in a normal life. Secondly, establishing special schools for dyslexic people is to help them by specialist doctors. “They use particular system” (Listening). So, this particular system will help them to improve their skills without suffering. Moreover, this is our serious problem we hope to be solved soon by these solutions.

In conclusion, dyslexic are people who suffering from reading, writing and pronouncing problems. This problem caused by two main reasons which are heredity and incidents after the birth; moreover, there are two main solutions which are; aware dyslexic people and establish special schools for them. I think that have a special schools is the best solution because it will help them to achieve their goals and live in normal life.

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