Sunday, November 9, 2008

My WeeKeNd

This weekend we went to AlAin. We have our house their which is near my grandmother house. Our house located in place called Aljimi. On Thursday all my relative came to my grandmother house and we still awake to midnight. Also, My Cousin was pregnant and she has her first boy
because she has four girls already . We were so happy for her. On Friday I got up early and I had my breakfast with my mother and father . Moreover, all of them went to the hospital and take the lunch there. But me ,my sister and my cousin went to AlJimi mall with my brother. We spent their two hours and also we went to galer cafĂ© l like this shop and their crape . After we came back home i sit with my grandmother and she starts to because she wants me to eat .At night I went to my friend house and her friends were their also we had fun together. Yesterday was the last day of my weekend it’s the time to come back to AD. It was bored and I stayed at home . When we arrived home I started to do my homework then I got to my bed early . And that’s all ^^

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